Month: February 2016

It’s been a while!

I’ve not posted much here in months and months and there is a reason for that. My health hasn’t been great on and off for about 3 years now. Initially I had issues with my prostate, infection after infection with dozens of antibiotics. I actually managed to do Dash 4 Dosh during a period of remission from the symptoms! However it came back. Last May after almost 2 years of back and forth to my GP I finally got my referral to a consultant. He decided to issue me Ciprofloxacin in the hope it might work better, but he didn’t tell me what side effects might happen.

Unfortunately I reacted badly to the medication and after just 8 days of a 6 week course I had to stop taking them due to being able to hardly walk or function.

Anyway that was 9 months ago and I’m still struggling with the consequences. The downside is that I can’t ride, my achillies and other tendons in my legs are weakened by the cipro and I’ve muscle weakness and fatigue. Not being able to do the thing you love is heartbreaking especially when there’s no defined cure for what I’m going through, just hope and time.

I had a couple of bike trips planned, one to the Netherlands for a few days next month and a tour of Scotland in May. I won’t be able to do those now or anything else this year unless my body recovers!

In the mean time you can read about my personal fight to recover on my other blog

I’ll be back!