So a little break from the daily blog posts with this disturbing image, an image of a man taken by emotion and levels of desire unknown to most mortal beings. Gregg’s thirst for excitement led to him humping literally anything and everything that couldn’t run away screaming. Below is a record of some of his conquests during the epic 17 days we called Dash4Dosh!




  1. You have to take some of the “credit” for this montage. After all, it was you that said “Stand behind the bear, I’ll take your picture.” What followed was, well, a continuation on a theme. Hopefully, no one from border control in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway will ever see these. I’d like to go back one day. Thanks for the laughs, I do love those pictures.

    And, remembering Paul and Roy, at the picnic table in Sweden, wondering why Gregg had gone completely mad after coming out of the little cafe/store at the Swedish Arctic Circle. Good times. Really good times.

  2. It’s gonna be so great when that montage shows up at the next big milestone in Gregg’s life (e.g., 50th/75th birthday party, funeral, etc.).

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