Month: August 2014

Day 13 – Rollag to Giljas

When I woke up I half expected to hear the tent flapping in the wind but then realised I wasn’t in my tent! I hadn’t had slept as well as I’d hoped, largely due to being buzzed most of the night by a pesky mosquito. Gregg and Roy were still in the land of nod so I sneaked down to get some fresh air and see how the morning looked outside. I walked out on to the veranda and it was another glorious day, the reflection of the sun sparkling on the river, birds in the trees and a gentle breeze carried the smell of spring.

IMG_0685 IMG_0686

Gregg and Roy woke and started to get their gear together whilst I took a very quick shower. Arvid and Paul had wandered up from their tents by the time I was finished and discussions were going on regarding the plan for the day, sat navs in hand and maps at the ready.

IMG_0694 IMG_0696

IMG_0697 IMG_0698

The day was to take us to Arvid and Liz’s holiday home up in the mountains where we were going to stop over that night. On route we were going to take in some spectacular scenery and make a stop and the Norsk Industriabeider Museum (Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum) located at Rjukan in Tinn. Whilst the guys finished their packing I took a short walk around the campsite to grab a few last photos. Gregg wandered down and once again I pointed out a children’s swing which I felt would look much better with him on it.


We finished packing, mounted our iron horses and headed on our merry way. It felt good to be on the road again, something I was used to now, day in day out it just felt good. As we passed more fjords and mountains I really felt a connection with the country I was riding through and knew that one day I would come back with more time at hand and explore this amazing landscape. As we rode we came upon a fantastic view, a huge snow capped mountain in front and a big waterfall to the left. We pulled into a car park belonging to a garage that had a number of old trucks parked outside as well as a large American “18 Wheeler” carrying a caravan. The truck was all done up in the red, white and blue and looked very cool, I always wanted to be a long haul truck driver in the USA, breaker breaker 10-4 and all that.


We continued our ride and turned to head up a pretty steep hill which became ever more twisty. The turning for the museum appeared to our left and we pulled into the narrow road which took us through a couple of tight corners before heading down a steep hill into the museum car park. By now it was hot, very hot and my black bike gear was soaking up the suns heat like a sponge. We secured our bikes, taking the minimum we needed with us. I carried my tank bag with my camera over my shoulder but Still had to take my bike jacket as I had nowhere to leave it that was secure. We headed across the car park, over a small suspension bridge before realising that the museum was actually at the top of a windy road and we had to walk all the way up! Arvid and Paul had taken off and were well on their way up, Gregg was in pursuit a short way ahead and me and Roy were following up the rear. The walk up seemed to take forever and by the time we reached the top we were dripping in sweat, not a pleasant site. Here’s Gregg wearing his Arctic Survival gear in the 30 degrees heat, he looks a tad warm!


On entering the museum we bought the entry tickets and tried to cool down. Gregg was on the verge of meltdown and approached the lady behind the counter, a look of desperation on his face. What came next was one of the funniest quotes of the trip… “Is this the kinda museum I have to keep my pants on ma’am?”. She laughed.. we laughed… it was hilarious!


The site was the location of a hydro-electricity plan and has special significance in that during World War 2 the Nazi’s were producing “heavy water” at the site for use in producing atomic weapons. The Norwegians undertook a daring mission to sabotage the site and stop the Nazis from achieving that goal, if they had failed then the war may have ended a very different way.

IMG_0734 IMG_0738 IMG_0752

As I came out of one of the sections in the museum I noticed Gregg had found is way to the reception and was having a “conversation” with the young lady there.


So I zoomed in for a couple of action shots, I’ve no idea what they were discussing, but Gregg’s expression certainly makes me wonder what she said to him!

IMG_0769  IMG_0771


We left the museum and headed into the snow covered mountains once again, stopping at a large Dam to do a bit of climbing and messing about. Roy and Arvid decided to scale the stone wall whilst the rest of us messed around in the snow!


We carried on riding with huge snow banks on either side of the road, some maybe 4 or 5m in height, an ideal photo opportunity!


We then descended once again into the green and mountain lined roads, with white water rivers and more crystal clear fjords. Our next stop was a small shop on the way to Arvid’s holiday home. Here we found an area with lots of curiosities, trolls, goats, weird and wonderful it was without a doubt.

IMG_0813 IMG_0816 IMG_0818

Eventually we arrived at Arvid’s holiday home, up in the mountains with stunning views of a nearby lake and lots of sheep for Gregg to scare.