Day 12 – Flåm – Rollag

The next morning we woke up and walked back to the area where the pub was to get some breakfast at a small restaurant there. Having only seen the area the night before when the sun had set I had a renewed perspective of the area. It was clearly very much geared at tourists with various restaurants, bars and shops all nicely done. The breakfast was a buffet affair and very nice, a few plates of food, glasses of orange juice and mugs of coffee later and we headed of, stopping briefly at a tourist shop on the way where I coaxed Paul into trying on a nice sun hat.


The day was to be largely riding for fun with the aim of covering less miles therefore trying to enjoy the landscapes and roads which were fantastic as always. The Sun was beating down with temperatures hitting 25+ degrees once again. We went back to the campsite and packed up the tents and loaded the bikes.


We headed off late morning and continued south, hitting more and more traffic as we rode. Gregg had shown an interest in seeing another Stave Church and Arvid knew of one in Sundrevegan but had never been to. It wasn’t exactly on route but we decided to take a detour and take a look. The temperature was now nearly 30 degrees and we were struggling with the intense heat as we arrived in Sundrevegan. We spent almost an hour trying to find the church, at one point we were parked in the middle of the road in a residential road pouring over satnav’s and maps. (Selfie opportunity!) Eventually we gave up looking, all hot, hungry and thirsty.

IMG_0666 IMG_0668

We rode back the way we came and headed up a mountain pass which was supposed to be a short cut. Unfortunately after climbing a few kilometres the road surface started to deteriorate with loose gravel and pot holes replacing tarmac. The front and rear wheels slipped around on the loose surface and I didn’t really feel happy at all. We turned a corner and ahead of use the road simply turned to a gravel track! We found out from a car driver coming the other direction that the road was like that for at least 10km and the consensus was that none of us felt totally happy with the idea of riding that road. So we turned back and carefully road back down the pass which in itself was a nerve wracking experience. The only choice now was to take the longer route, adding a few more hours to the days riding. We rode for another hour and stopped to refuel and grab a drink. We were all pretty tired by now, the heat and frustration from the days delays were taking their toll and after a discussion it was decided that we would ride a bit further and stop at the first decent looking campsite.

As we reached a place called Rollag Arvid signalled to turn off at a campsite. It turned out he had stayed there before and although a basic campsite it did have room for the tents and also some lodges/huts. I jumped off my bike and slumped onto the grass, feeling very tired and confused. I had been struggling again with tiredness during the day, zoning out from time to time and really struggling keeping focused on the road. I also wanted to charge my electrical items but this campsite had no facilities for tents to connect a lead. Gregg and Roy once again decided to take a lodge and we were going to camp but having not slept well for days I really needed to sleep properly. The lodge actually had 2 bedrooms and a loft room with a mattress so I decided to take that giving me a chance to sleep and charge my gear.


The view from the cabin was pretty special!

IMG_0681 IMG_0684

Probably the most luxurious cabin we encountered on the trip, my little loft room was very comfy.

The guys all came up to the cabin and we set out a little feast of crisps, nuts, bread, cheeses and beer. The beer cans had been in Arvid’s top box all day and as you can see from the dents and dints, he had been throwing his bike around the corners!


Gregg was given the task of cooking the chicken, his skills clear to all. We watched as he expertly tossed the chicken on the BBQ and tended lovingly to it as it simmered over the hot coals.

IMG_0677 IMG_0680

Whilst this was going on I had been washing some essentials as we’d not had a chance to clean clothes and I was running out. I only washed enough to “cover me” for the rest of the trip. I hung the wet clothes over the wooden bannister that went along the front of the porch to dry. Unfortunately by doing this my pants were clearly visible when looking out the window at the fantastic view, therefore my pants became the topic of much discussion and not the view. Thankfully Roy finished washing his underwear, strung a load of bungy chords across the entire porch and hung his pants at head height, thus the topic of conversation turned to his pants and not mine! We sat around chatting for a while before Paul and Arvid retired to their tents and we all headed off to our beds.




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