Day 10 – Hell to Andalsnes

It was nice to wake up to the sound of nature instead of the rumble from Gregg’s snoring. The birds were twittering and the sound of water rushing by could be heard from the river a few meters behind the tent. I had slept fairly well, considering I was encased in a sleeping bag on a 3cm thick sleeping mat, not exactly a memory foam mattress and feather quilt. The usual morning activities of washing etc… were taken care of followed by packing up the tents and loading the bikes. We rode up to the cabin Gregg and Roy had stayed in and as they were still getting ready me and Paul decided to ride back to Hell and get some postcards to send to family, friends and sponsors who had asked for them.

The tourist shop was a small rack at the back of a petrol station shop that had dozens of postcards and some pin badges with a genuine certificate of authenticity to proved you had been to Hell and survived. That was it, no theme parks, no men dressed up as Satan or scantly clad sirens to tempt you to sin. We grabbed a load of postcards and stamps before heading back to the campsite to write them so we could get them posted from Hell before we carried on with the journey south. The day was to be another long day of riding but with some memorable experiences along the way.

We stopped on route for a quick coffee and toilet break at a small café/restaurant up on a hill. The view was great with the snow covered peaks in the distance and sparkling lakes below.


A patron of the café was outside sipping a drink, a rather odd looking guy, weathered and you could say eccentric in appearance. He took and interest in the bikes and us, wandering around us as we stood talking and drinking our coffee. Arvid was the only Norwegian speaking member of our team and got himself lumbered with the guy for a short while which Paul and Gregg found slightly amusing, actually Gregg found it hilarious!

IMG_0444  IMG_0447  IMG_0445

Once again our journey was interrupted by a ferry crossing, something we were all getting pretty used to by now.

IMG_0452 IMG_0455

By lunchtime we were all feeling the heat and the need for food and drink so when we stopped to refuel we took the opportunity to grab some lunch in a pizza restaurant. The rather large pizzas were too big in all honesty and even Roy had to concede defeat which was very much out of character!


Our route was to take us further towards the west and the coast, along what is a pretty well known length of road known as “The Atlantic Road“.  This road was a series of bridges and small islands full of twisty corners and spectacular views. Highly regarded as one of the best road trips in the world by many, including the Guardian Newspaper, with chances to see whales and seals if you are lucky. One of the highlights for us was Storseisundet Bridge, a fairly tall bridge with a twist that makes it appear to end in mid air from certain angles. We rode the bridge 3 times before stopping at a café so we could take in the view, after which we parked in a layby and took some photo’s for the blogs.





We left the Atlantic Road behind only to have yet another ferry crossing!

IMG_0480 IMG_0484

It was getting late in the day now and the conclusion was that we would camp at a place called Andalsnes that evening. We found a local supermarket to grab some food just before it closed then after a bit of a Garmin Sat Nav magical mystery tour we found our selves at a campsite for the evening.




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