Day 3 – Jyderup to Norrkoping

An interesting first night camping, which included hearing blood curdling screams in the middle of the night and various wild animals rummaging around! We woke and had breakfast whilst planning the first day. The riding for the first 5 days or so would be pretty simple, motorways and fast A roads with 3 or 4 fuel stops per day. The objective being to get as far north as possible as quickly as possible as we had a busy second week planned back through Norway which is all slower roads. After breakfast we finished getting the bikes ready, geared up, said goodbye to Vladimir’s family and headed off through the Danish countryside.


First stop was to visit the resting place of Kenneth Kjaerbye, a fellow IT guy and biker who was tragically killed in an motorcycle accident in January 2013 whist in Florida at IBM Connect. There’s no doubt he would have joined us on our journey and he was definitely in the thoughts of Paul and Gregg who had been with Kenneth the day of the accident, it was a touching moment.

We headed off to the next planned stop at Hillerød, stopping outside Frederiksborg Castle to meet up with another IT guy, Christian Denkler. Christian had wanted to come along for some of the initial trip but wasn’t able to however he still wanted to meet up and say hi before we headed north. It was here just as we were about to leave that I dropped my bike on to it’s side. The side stand needs the bike to be tilted past upright to allow it to be kicked up. Unfortunately the heat had taken it’s toll on me and the weight of all the gear on the bike was a bit too much. As the bike tilted over past the centre I couldn’t stop it’s momentum from taking it right over! I managed to hold it and put it down gently on it’s side, the pannier supporting the weight of the bike and stopping any damage to the actual bike panels. I needed a couple of the guys to help me get it back upright as there was no way I was going to get it up by myself.


We headed off  to get a ferry across from Denmark to Sweden, the first of many ferries over the next 2 weeks!


Paul and Vladimir showing their love hate relationship 🙂


It was approximately a 30 minute journey across, just enough time to stretch our legs and take a toilet break. We rode off the ferry and hit the Swedish motorways for a long day of fast riding broken up by short fuel stops. The temperature was soaring up to around 28 degrees and we were all feeling the effects. We made sure we drank plenty of water at the fuel stops and grabbed shade when we could.


We reached the area we had planned at Norrkoping and after a bit of searching found a nearby campsite after the first one we went to was closed! The one we ended up at was pretty nice but nothing was open so we decided to go fuel up and by coincidence there was a Pizza Restaurant next to the fuel station so we grabbed some dinner there before heading back for the first real nights camping.


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