Thanks to Henry Cole from World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides!

I’m a big fan of Henry Cole, I love his down to earth style and no nonsense approach to his documentaries, if he doesn’t like something he’ll say so! He has produced and directed some great documentaries around the music industry but as a biker he has produced a whole series of shows under the World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides banner for the Travel Channel, where he rides the trip along with a support crew giving an honest and heart felt commentary on the whole experience. His Route 66 series was great and had the same effect on me that The Long way Round had when I first saw it, it makes me want to go ride Route 66!

Last month the Travel Channel broadcast a mini series where Henry went to Bonneville and after months of preparation which included dislocating his shoulder! he successfully obtained a world record in the pre-1955 classic motorcycle category riding the awesome Brough Superior, I was really pleased for him and his team.

So why the thanks? Well I had contacted Henry via twitter a few weeks ago and he kindly wished us luck with the trip. Last week my partner Caroline contacted them as she was looking to buy me a T-Shirt from the Henry Cole range, which is a really nice range I might add. The girl from his team replied, no problem, we’ll sort one out from Henry and the Team for free! This morning this lovely T-shirt arrived which I will be wearing in the Arctic Circle with a good luck message from Henry and His Team, I’m so chuffed!


For the record, it’s a really nice quality T-Shirt and you can see the range here. I am sporting the T-Shirt below in my “Catalogue” pose.


Thanks Henry, be great to meet you one day for a chat and ride out!

For information on his productions HCA Entertainment


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