Holiday Travel Insurance!

So it’s the last day before I leave and I realised I hadn’t sorted my travel insurance out. It’s not that I hadn’t started enquiring and researching because I had, I had just been so busy that I ended up leaving it to the last day. During my research (i.e. typing Motorcycle Travel Insurance into Google and hitting the Enter key) I found a few companies that offered cover of varying levels and varying prices.

hs_foot_august13After some reading and reviewing their cover I decided that a company called Holidaysafe were a good choice due to their understanding of cover required when touring on a motorcycle. So I proceeded to the online quote forms, completed the simple questions and hit the button! A few moments later I was presented with 3 options all of which offered varying levels of cover but all of which were very reasonably priced. The premier single trip cover which I decided upon, had an impressive level of cover and included cover for motorcycle specific items such as leathers and helmets. After completing a medical questionnaire which spans a number of pages depending on whether you have any conditions to declare you are then presented with a payment screen, that’s about all there is to it! I had contacted Holidaysafe regarding the trip and they kindly offered to help support the trip by covering my Travel Insurance free of charge! I can highly recommend their customer service and friendly staff!

For more information on their products go to the Holidaysafe website.


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