And so it begins!

I am the lucky one in that I get to leave last! Paul Mooney has just left and is heading to get the overnight ferry from Northern Ireland to England. The first road warrior is winding his way to the port as I type this, the months of preparation are finally over and now it’s time to get on with the task of reaching the Arctic Circle. Paul will meet up with Roy at Preston tomorrow morning and pop in to see Sean Cull for a cuppa on route, sadly Sean is not coming this year due to an unforeseen family issue. Paul and Roy will then head down and meet me at Cambridge Services (not very glamorous I realise, sadly IWM Duxford didn’t get back to me regarding starting from there so we had to find an alternative at late notice). Gregg is flying over today and will be in Denmark by tomorrow and after we arrive in Denmark on the 22nd We will all meet up at Vladimir’s house.

Paul is running a tracking app on his phone so hopefully a large amount of the trip you can watch almost is real time!! I’m off to do some more packing!


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