Sat nav Issues :(

Well the sat nav mount on the bike isn’t charging the sat nav! It had a corroded wire when I bought the bike but we managed to “bodge” the connection and it worked for the trip back. Today I looked at changing the plug which should have been a simple fix, just 2 wires connecting to a plug. Unfortunately after putting the plug on it doesn’t seem to be charging the sat nav. Not sure if it’s the plug, wiring or sat nav that has the issue. Didn’t need this a week before the trip!



  1. Hello Chris. We publish a Finnish internet motorcycle magazine and would like to make a story of your travel before hands. So could you please sen us some pictures of you and your bike that we could use in the story.
    It seems that you’re not coming to Finland during your trip? It’s a pity, because I could have come to interview you face to face.
    Although everything is possible. I have to check my schedules to see, if I could have time to visit northern Norway while youŕe there.
    Please have a nice trip and be careful in Norway: it is extremely beautiful, but be aware of sheep which can be sleeping right in the side of the road and there is no way you can notice them. And also do not take too long traveling days. You will not be able to ride very many kilometers in Norwegian roads, as you think, because they’re so curvy.
    Erkki Mäki
    Editor in chief
    Mobile +358 40 584 6240

    1. That’s great, yes of course I can sort some pictures out! Unfortunately at least at the moment it is likely we will not make it into Finland but the route is not entirely set in stone and this will depend on time and the weather! Thanks for your interest and in wanting to share this with your readers 🙂

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