Busy few days!

It was a busy weekend with a few rides on the new bike which I am adjusting to nicely. It’s a lovely bike to ride, rumbles along sipping fuel and oozing confidence. The only thing that has proven to be a bit awkward is the position of the indicator switches. BMW for some reason have opted to put the left turn switch on the left side and the right turn switch on the right side however the cancel indication switch is only on the right! This makes it a bit “odd” when turning left as you have to click the left indicator switch then the cancel on the right! But apart from that, the bike is proving to be ideal and I will be trying to get more miles on it over the next couple of weeks before we leave.

The kit for the trip is coming together now, I feel slightly happier now I am ticking off boxes on my to do list instead of adding more items to it. As the whole trip has to be done of a budget I am spending a lot of time researching and looking for bargains. I would have loved to have more sponsors to help support this trip but the time constraints have meant I have had to multi-task trying to fund raise and still get my kit all together at the same time. I could honestly do with another 6 months before the trip. That being said, I have managed to get some press coverage and Lynn News did an interview yesterday and the photographer is coming out this morning to take a photograph or 2, just hope the rain holds off!

Managed to get a few bargains over the weekend for the trip, including a small camping spirit stove from Clas Ohlson for £11.99. It’s very similar to the more expensive and well known Trangia stoves but at a fraction of the cost. It may not be as hard wearing as the Trangia but I am hoping that it will be fine for this trip.



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