Bike for trip!

After months of searching for the perfect bike for the trip I found one last week! I had been looking at 2 real options, the Honda NC700X and the BMW F650GS, both have 2 things in common that I wanted, relatively cheap to buy and economical to run. It was going to come down to cost and what I could find urgently with just over 2 weeks until the start and still no bike I was starting to panic. I wasn’t able to plan or work out what I could take without knowing how much luggage space I had. Then one evening on one of my nightly searches across Ebay, Autotrader, Guntree etc.. (have some free advertising guys!) I saw an advert for the perfect BMW F650GS, fully loaded with luggage. unfortunately it was located in Bournemouth but I wasn’t worried about that too much as long as the bike was perfect for the job. After a few emails with Chris the seller I decided that I would be a fool not to go for it. So yesterday I took the long journey down and picked it up! Chris and his wife… also Chris! Were a lovely couple making me a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich to give me a bit of biking energy. Chris who works as a semi-retired HR Consultant and also works at a local school is a long time biker with more than 45 years riding. He clearly liked the BMW and it was a sad day for them both seeing it go but he was happy it was going to someone who will use it for a good cause. Hopefully I’ll meet up with them sometime after the trip for another cuppa and a chat!

bike at chris house

Chris with his wife, also Chris and the BMW F650GS which I’ll soon be riding to the Arctic Circle!


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