Choice of Motorcycle

So I’m hoping that shortly I will have enough money to buy a more suitable bike for the trip. I know the CBR would likely make the journey, let’s be honest Honda’s are pretty bulletproof, but I’m not sure my wrists and back will make it in the CBR. So I have been looking around for options and there are plenty in the tourer and adventure tourer classes of bikes. The important factors for me are reliability and economy and those things have driven my research.

Bikes such as the BMW GS range, Honda Varadero, Honda Transalp, Suzuki DL650/DL1000 all came up as considerations but 2 bikes have stood out as likely candidates, the BMW f650GS and Honda NC700x. Neither bike is designed for speed but that’s not important when you are touring, comfort, economy and ability to carry what you need are what is important. Sure if I wanted to travel the world then a BMW R1200 might be a better choice but bother the f650 and Nc700 offer good reliability, comfort and 60+ mpg.

So I’ll be looking out for one of those over the next couple of weeks, ideally kitted with panniers and top box.


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