Month: March 2014

Bike oil leak, the saga continues!

So after spending last year trying to fix an oil leak on the CBR I decided to bite the bullet and source a second hand engine from Ebay. With the help of my best friend Ryan we swapped the engine last year but never had a chance to test it out. So it sat garaged until now when I finally got the bike MOT and Tax sorted so I could start to get some miles under my belt before the trip. After one trip I discovered oil on my back tyre again! So another trip back to Reading and a couple of hours later the leak was fixed! So I’ve now completed almost 1000 miles over the last 2 weeks and the bike is running pretty nicely. If it gets used for the trip I’ll need new tyres and may need to check the brakes.


Parked up at the services on the M1 for a coffee break 🙂

Tent Erection

Tent up… ish. Typical, one of the hooks inside where the bedroom hooks on is in need of sowing! Reality check: tent WILL NEVER GO BACK IN THE BAG IT CAME OUT OF! I just hope the thing is waterproof and warm enough. It was bough from Blacks last year in the sale but due to ill health last year I never used it. So this is the first time it’s been out of the bag and sadly only now I discovered it has a manufacturing fault. Will contact Blacks and see if they can help.


Fuel stops on route

Since we will be riding across Sweden and Norway, sometimes a long way out in the sticks I thought I would investigate where we might fuel up and take breaks. I found these satnav POI files that might be of use.

Esso Norway

Also this site has POI files for GPS

Swedish POI

A bit of inspiration

I remember buying this a few years ago and watching it from start to finish over a couple of days and loved it. In a couple of months I’ll be doing my own long way round challenge on a smaller scale of course. So I’ve dug this out to watch again to give me a bit of a inspirational boost.